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The Titanis axe is inspired by big bit racing axes used around the world in major competition. Handmade for BCX in New Zealand, these beasts are built to do much of the work for you. The Titanis is no ordinary axe and it is definitely not for the beginner. Designed for felling and bucking logs with big powerful swings – the bit of this axe is wider and more flared than more conventional pieces. The 7″ bit length will have you peeling plates out of trunks in no time. This is a very big and powerful axe with a serious bite – the bit is extremely sharp and needs to be treated with respect at all times.

Each head is hand forged from a block of the highest quality High Carbon Tooling steel and each axe is individually hardened and tempered. The handle is made from the highest quality hand turned American Hickory. Each handle is hand fitted then secured through the head using a tension pin for safety.

:: 5 Lb head
:: Bit length is 7” from Toe to Heel
:: 30” Hickory Handle
:: Roll Pin For Safety
:: Hardwood Wedge
:: Oversized swell knob at base of handle
:: Hand made Leather Head Cover

Turn around time for each axe is approx 6 – 8 weeks (subject to change).

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