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The BCX Pathfinder Axe is masterful when it comes to tradition and overall versatility. This Light chopper excels at smaller tasks but when called upon it can smoothly step up to much larger jobs – clearing a blow down on portage, bucking logs for campfire fuel, splitting gnarly wood for kindling or tearing up dead heads from the 
canoe. Pathfinder is perfect for tripping, hiking, cottaging and pretty much any task you can throw in it’s path.

Drop forged high carbon steel, hand tempered and ground. The handle is turned from Tennessee Hickory and married to the head by a steel kerf wedge.

:: 1.75 Lb head
:: Bit length is 4” from Toe to Heel
:: 24” Hickory Handle
:: Steel wedge
:: Hand Made Leather head cover

Turn around time for each axe is approx 4 weeks (subject to change).

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