Fire Piston


Since the beginning of Base Camp X we have known that a fire starting device would hold high standing in our collection. A fire piston is a very unique piece of kit that will work without fail in harsh environments and It does require lots of fun practice to turn ember into flame. The BCX “Prometheus” Fire Piston is old world technology that uses air friction to ignite tinder. The process of rapid air compression will ignite the tinder in the receiver and create the ember. This glowing ember will be the building block of your next campfire, but it needs to be nurtured into a flame through standard fire building process. The piston is hand turned Hickory, a BCX staple. Pressure relief valve, lanyard loop and internal shaft are brass. Each Prometheus comes with a supply of char cloth tinder and hand cut leather lanyard.

Directions for Using The Prometheus Fire Piston (PDF)

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