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The Cruiser axe is not simply a symbol of beauty – it represents function and versatility.

Traditionally one bit was sharpened and honed as a felling edge and the other was ground to be slightly more blunt for use on knots, roots and cutting through difficult grain lower down in the stump swell area. The fact is…two blades makes for a more versatile axe that requires less sharpening during work time.

Both blades on our Cruiser are identical and compared to single bit axes the head is not as thick. Being slightly more tapered across the eye and rounded on the bit edges, the Cruiser is designed to alleviate becoming wedged in standing timber. Historically the double was used as a felling axe in the forests of Canada and the United States. One of the most common arguments among axe lovers is “Which is better… The single or double bit axe?”.

The BCX cruiser is drop forged high carbon steel, hand tempered and ground. The handle is turned from Tennessee Hickory and fixed to the head by a steel kerf wedge.

:: 3.5 Lb head
:: Bit length is 4” from Toe to Heel
:: 36” Straight Hickory Handle
:: Steel Wedge
:: Hand made Leather Head Cover

Turn around time for each axe is approx 4 weeks (subject to change).

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