BCX is a lifestyle brand that has its roots in Canada yet reaches people on a global scale. Our products are designed to last for generations. At BCX, we challenge ourselves to create pieces that will inspire people with impeccable functionality and craftsmanship.

The first product of BCX and the brand totem is the Axe. The versatility of an axe lives in its ability to get you outside, manage a forest, adorn a wall, provide a home with heat or simply start a conversation. Our axes are designed and built for use, but also fit right in as display above the hearth. Our axes are functional art and each piece comes alive with a name – out of respect for the tool.

Rigorous Testing

bcx_aboutAll BCX axes and blades are tested to ensure the highest product quality. Snow and ice to extreme heat and humidity; function and design are challenged on every encounter. Searing the BCX logo into the handle by hand held firebrand is all part of the process. There is something purifying in fire and this brand process provides a unique mark every time it bites into the wood.

The Process

No BCX axe can be duplicated; sanded smooth by hand, each handle is meticulously developed and shaped for you. Wet sanded twice to unparalleled smoothness before the application of our eco friendly aqueous based stains. The waters used to mix with our powdered concentrates are collected from the lake waters at Base Camp X. Carefully mixed by hand, these colours are applied to your axe with the utmost of care and concentration. Each colour has some BCX in it.


Product is packaged in 100% recycled double wall cardboard. There are no synthetic components to add to landfill. A hand cut leather blade cover is made and fitted for each axe in house. The only certificate of authentication you will ever need is seared directly into the wood.
 We apply these simple finishing touches by hand as testament to the authenticity of
our process and our commitment to you … our customer, the life behind the BCX brand.