My Amigo: Sinuhe Xavier

Mar 1, 2012

In the summer of 2010 when I started the BCX Twitter page one of the first people to follow me had a name I couldn’t figure out and a pre-pubescent school boy photo for a profile shot… I didn’t pay much attention. He didn’t tweet much or make any attempt at contact… (cricket sounds)… A few months later I get this message from him “I want to get an axe for Steve C”… I’m like, who the hell is Steve C and should I be selling an axe to a kid???? Bahahahaha! Little did I know that this guy with the funny name spelling would turn out to be not only a dude that would garner huge respect and admiration from me – but would become a solid compadre. Steve C was refering to Steve Casimiro at Adventure Journal (I will speak on him in another post). Here is a little run down on SX:

“Sinuhe Xavier (Sin-Way)started his photography career in front of the lens as a professional extreme skier for The North Face in Bozeman, Montana working with National Geographic photographer Gordon Wiltse. While studying architecture and photography at Montana State University, Sinuhe transitioned his way from in front of, to behind the camera and found his love of visually telling stories. He has been published in National Geographic Adventure, Print and Transworld Snowboarding magazines and has also shot for Burton Snowboards. You can also find Sin working as a contributor to the insanely awesome Overland Journal.”

One of the ongoing film projects that I have had the opportunity to watch in action is “Finding America”. Here is one of the segments that he did on “The Stronghold” …. never heard of them? Established in 1895 they  where manufactureres of the first denim brand in Los Angeles.

Sinuhe directed this next little film during the early part of November, at the peak of the Indian Creek climbing season. Ace Kvale was kind enough to invite Sinuhe along for one of his still shoots with Marmot athletes Angela Hawse, Keith Garvey and Christian Santelices, who also happen to be some of the best mountain guides in the world. This is the culmination of those two days in the desert.

Also nominated for a Key Art Award for the work that he did on Danny Boyles film 127 Hours about Aron  Ralston and his brush with death in the canyons.

Out of pure necessity SX also designed the “Heli Pack” for DaKine, a design that went on to be the best selling technical backpack in history and is still in production 15 years later… that is truly an amazing accomplishment.


In December 2011 I went to LA for meetings and spent a few days hanging out with Sinuhe – The best guide to the city a guy could ask for. Through this connection I was lucky enough to meet up with Jonathan Ward from Icon 4×4 and Thor Jónsson from Viking Offroad … expect to see Co-branding here. Last year Sinuhe started work with Ace Kvale on a short film piece for BCX – we will be finishing it up this year… you can’t rush good things. Here is a Zen little piece he did on the Pathfinder Axe – Thanks so much for the kind words amigo:

“This is a Pathfinder axe hand made by Graeme Cameron on the shores of a remote lake north of Toronto, Canada. I have a collection of axes that include Granfors Bruks and Best Made. This is the one that blows my mind with its attention to detail and fine finish. It is also the axe most used as it sits comfortably in the back of my 1999 Land Rover Discovery.

Pathfinder Axe – Eastern Sierras, CA from sinuhe xavier on Vimeo.

I will be doing more and more posts in this fashion on our Tribe members – believe me when I tell you… you are all in amazing company when it comes to interesting people, adventure and accomplishment.

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