The Bond

May 24, 2011

The bond of friendship is truly one of the finest things in life. What I am talking about is not people we know, but in fact individuals that we have an undying sense of loyalty towards. Being part of a bond that doesn’t die… no fair weather BS allowed… thick or thin, the ones that have your back and you theirs. Over the years I have found it increasingly difficult to manage staying in touch with my hombres – Family, work… so little time. There is a certain camaraderie that will never die though – no matter how many years pass without seeing or speaking to them. The bond of friendship, the true bond, is about support in times when it is heavily needed but not necessarily asked for… are you going to be there? Think about that one. When my mom passed away a few months ago my true friends rallied and picked up the phone, they got in direct contact… the aquaintences maybe sent me a short note via Facebook or e-mail… but the true friends, no matter how uncomfortable it may have been, picked up the phone and let me know that they where there. Take good inventory of these people – you know who they are. To me this applies to the concept of Base Camp X… know your code (that should require no explanation…) and pass it along to those that follow. Lead by example not from the back… (I will speak of this in a future post). One of the most important things my Dad taught me as a teen was loyalty… show it in whatever way you will, but be there when the siren calls… that is the bond of friendship as I see it.
We can talk about axes, outdoormanship and all around badassery until the cows come home… it’s a romance that most of us share with the natural environment and hard work with our hands…wether as a weekend warrior or a full timer. It’s all good – but you don’t have to be into any of these things to truly understand the importance of those that stand at our sides. Take a moment after reading this and consider your own definition, make a short list of those you feel such loyalty towards… and get in touch with them.


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