Andrew Reesor: A major part of Base Camp X

Jan 27, 2011

At Base Camp X we take teamwork very seriously and I want to share some information with you on a very important member of our team.

Andrew Reesor is a highly respected Toronto designer, Woodsman, Canoe trip aficionado, Camp Director and all around great guy. It’s important that you all know who he is and how he works within our structure here at Base Camp X. Andrew has been working with me to develop the studio operations, perfecting our axe finishing, new product development and best of all – continuing to add legitimacy to our brand. It’s just not a truthful brand if the people behind it are not actually using the products or practicing the philosophies. Andrew is my main man in Toronto and I hope you all take the time to get to know him a bit via the NING site. There are some great products and projects on the horizon and Reesor will be involved in all of it. Camp Ahmek in Algonquin Park is where Andrew and I spent many summers as campers and staff. Andrew is a Director at Ahmek and works on a full time basis for the Taylor Statten Camps – overseeing many aspects of the day to day life at the camp. A major strength of Andrews is his incredible knowledge of the Northern Ontario (not limited to) wilderness and the skill to survive in it. Over the years he has led Canoe trips in the 50+ day range and even led an exploratory trip of lost canoe routes in the Hudson Bay area – that is serious stuff. Andrew will be doing some blog posts to touch on these experiences.

In 2006 Andrew and his former partner founded CovelloReesor Furniture Design and received some solid press and acclaim for their design. The “Common Chair” is one of those designs and I am lucky enough to see them every day in our studio! Here is a link to some past press:


Andrew adds a keen eye to important detail, an incredible knowledge of working with wood and most importantly (to me) a distinct loyalty to the vision of BCX.

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