Branded By Fire

Aug 12, 2010

I have always had a fascination with the comforting affect that a campfire can have. If you have done any canoe tripping in foul weather I am pretty sure you will understand what I mean. Slogging over rain soaked and bug infested portages… putting back into the water to battle a headwind and then doing it all again. It can be pretty rough when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t at your back.

Campsite is chosen and the team goes into overdrive to get tents and tarps up… of course the most important part of this stage is getting the fire started and stoked to the point where it will be manageable in the rain.

fire is going, food is being prepared, quarters are established and unused gear is stowed…. but it’s still pissing down rain. It’s at this point that the fire does it’s magic act by drawing you in and giving you a sense of total mental comfort. The group gathers tight around the flame and coals. The physical barriers have and will continue to be tested but that orange glow is warming, providing the much anticipated meal and ultimately replenishing your dwindling energy stores.

It is here in the heart of the campfire that I found my inspiration for not only the BCX logo but for the actual branding of the axes. With some research I found a company that makes heat activated cattle branding irons.
It just didn’t appeal to me to use an ink stamp as I think it looks cheap… and it sure didn’t make any sense to brand the wood using an electric branding iron – that’s just a half assed appraoch to appearing rugged. So I ordered my first Branding Iron and with a bit of practice and a few mistakes under my belt managed to create the exact feel I was looking for.

Each BCX axe will carry a unique hand applied, fire fueld brand. No two will be exactly alike so I hope you will agree with me that a brand like this needs to be celebrated and swung for the fences!

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