Sand Sand Brand

Aug 9, 2010

WIth so much happening in my world right now I have found such a great creative outlet at the workbench. The last while has been spread really thin between Oil Spill work, family, new company, being up north and dealing with a very sick mom. It’s been a hard slog this summer but some of my greatest memories are in fact not from being out in the bush using the axes and other product… it’s been working at my new work bench , sanding the first line up of axes. Working with handmade product means that everything is a little different in terms of shape and texture. The handles that are fitted to the BCX Work Axe are gorgeous Tenessee Hickory and being such a hard wood it requires some patience in the sanding and shaping department. Each handle goes through the stage of hand sanding using 80 / 100 / 120 / 150 grit. Once the initial sanding is done I take it through a round of wet sanding using the 150. The handle at this point is super smooth and in my mind perfect to the touch.. but not done.

I let the handle sit for a short while then go at it with 400 grit paper before wet sanding again but this time finishing with the 400. The result has been truly spectacular and I could not be more pleased with the end result.
It’s amazing how each handle differs due to the nature of it being handmade – the actual shape may look the same on each work axe but there is quite a bit of smoothing and shaping required in order to give it the feel that I want.

Once the handles are given the thumbs up I brand them with a custom iron … This brand is my stamp of approval and I must say… it looks insane. I will not be applying any ink stamps to my product…it’s heat branded or nothing.I will go through this process at a later date.

All said and done – I am extremely excited about sharing the new line up with all of you so here is a sample of what you can expect.

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