Reflecting on Algonquin

Aug 3, 2010

The trip up to Algonquin was just what I needed! Getting back to Canoe Lake and spending time with a few of my

old haunts was truly inspiring. The camp that many of you have heard me allude to while at Best Made and now at BCX is an incredibly special place for me. I attended Ahmek 81′ – 88′ and then as a Canoe Trip Guide 90′-92′. The camp is home to the largest fleet of cedar strip canoes in the world… yes BCX will be delving into related products.

Canoe Tripping has been a passion of mine since childhood and it is also a great passion of my fathers – my first trip included diaper changes…how hardcore is my old man! Anyhow – camp is in full swing and it was an honour to be treated as such a welcome guest up there. I can tell you that the staff and kids are completely stoked about Base Camp.

I spent Friday with friend and Canadian Landscape artist Steve McDonald who is also a member of the collective “Drawn Onward” (heavily compared to the Group of Seven btw)

We spent the day discussing BCX and all manner of topics relating to our love of the outdoors and Algonquin Park.

So back to Steve… expect to see him working with BCX in the near future – we plan on making some history together. Many of Tom Thomson’s (Group of Seven) paintings where done here on Canoe Lake;

Tom’s art work is considered a National Treasure in Canada. Steve and I spent some time observing the Western Sky that Tom must have painted a thousand times – pretty inspiring when you get to do that with a painter of Steve’s caliber.

I took a ton of new shots and I am sure that some of them will end up as content on the web page (which is really shaping up). I could go on for quite a while about my last 5 days but I will leave you with an image instead.

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